Mosquito Authority - Lafayette, LA

Mosquito Authority - Lafayette, LA
100 Duncan Circle
Lafayette, LA 70503
United States

24 Hours Open

We believe that treating your home for mosquitoes is an important part of keeping you and your family protected from insects. Mosquito Authority - Lafayette, LA is a family-owned and -operated business, and we take pride in serving our community. Our owners, Steve and Mary McNeal, were first introduced to the benefits of Mosquito Authority as customers. After experiencing amazing results first-hand, they decided private mosquito control would be a valuable service to their family, friends, and neighbors. We also want to keep the community thriving by participating in local events. As a result of our commitment to providing an important service at affordable rates, we offer discounted services to expectant mothers to help minimize the risk of mosquito bites. We guarantee you won't be bothered by mosquitoes between treatments. When you need a mosquito treatment, mosquito control in Lafayette, LA will take care of all of the details—from scheduling an appointment in advance (which allows us more time for thorough inspections) to ensuring that we work efficiently.
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