Mosquito Authority - Oswego, NY

Mosquito Authority - Oswego, NY
5343 State Route 104
Oswego, NY 85224
United States

24 Hours Open

Mosquito Authority - Oswego, NY is dedicated to providing the best mosquito and tick treatment services in Oswego, NY. Our team of trained professionals will work efficiently in order to rid your property of mosquitoes or ticks as soon as possible and our mosquito treatment in Oswego, NY flexible options allow us to work at your convenience. If you're looking for a business that provides mosquito or tick control, look no further than Mosquito Authority! We've been serving customers throughout Oswego, NY for years and we know how important it is for you to have a pest-free home or business. That's why we offer the best services at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy their property without the worry of pests like mosquitoes or ticks. Our technicians will give you tips on how to prevent mosquitoes from coming back into your yard and will also provide you with information on how to manage other yard pests such as spiders, ants, and ticks.
Open Sundays
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