Mosquito Authority

Mosquito Authority
2337 Sandersville Rd.
Lexington, KY 77379
United States

Monday to Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00 <=> Sunday: Closed

Mosquito Authority professionals are trained to respond to your specific needs, with both residential and commercial mosquito control services. We have a trained staff that is ready to solve your mosquito problem. Our technicians will come to your property and develop a plan for you that will not only eliminate the mosquitoes but also help keep them away. You’re probably tired of hearing the same things from other companies, but we’re different. Are you having problems with your mosquitos or ticks and suddenly have started looking for mosquito control in Lexington KY? Our technics will treat the yard using a barrier spray that kills mosquitoes on contact and a long-lasting residual that remains active for up to many weeks. After this process, we will continue treatment every three weeks to ensure maximum protection against mosquitoes. To provide you with the highest level of service and safety, we use a variety of proven methods such as insect light traps, mosquito traps, and applying larvicides in ponds and puddles.
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